Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Back on Mylady on Kerikeri River, New Zealand

The crew of MYLADY are back on board in New Zealand.  I had a great time with my son and his family in Texas and Eelco had a good, productive time collecting freedom chips.  With the sheets and ropes and sails back on deck and in the rigging, we’re starting to feel and look like a sailboat again.  In the meantime the big man has started to demolish the boat from the inside in order to get to the main bulkhead under the floorboards where we have to do repairs.  Soon we’ll leave the Kerikeri River to go to Ashby’s Boatyard in Opua, Bay of Islands, where we’ll do most of the work.  Weather is good, chilly for us, but by all standards – good.
our backyard.