Monday, January 19, 2015

Storm with mv TEXEL

We all have chosen our jobs. Therefore no complaining. It is just that some jobs are very much influenced by the weather. Therefore gives an extra dimension to the job. How does the big ships handle the bigger seas? Motor vessel Texel from Kustvaart Harlingen, where Eelco currently earns our freedom chips, seems to handle it well.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

SECURITY ISSUES in Savusavu and Marina

We've been here in Savusavu many times before. Liked the place so much and decided to stay the hurricane season on a mooring at Savusavu Marina. Our experience so far?

- 5 yacht burglaries - no cases resolved (one wrecked inside)
- indecent verbal assaults by disrespectful youths.
- aggressive black bird invasion
- all flour products have extra live material 
- rats
- local youths fiddling with the moorings
- discharge of pigs and human waste directly into creek
- some do-good people and others acting like  shareholders accuse yachts of being 'out of line'
- filth and empties passing regular from the shore to the sea.

I am completely disappointed, and feel very unsafe. 
Curly from Curly marina and a 'local' since 40 odd years, is the only one I've experienced that is horrified by this all.