Saturday, December 27, 2014

mv Texel

  Freight arrived neatly packed. Both cranes of the ship needed to lift and move the parcel, With 3 of these valuable parcels mv Texel (Onego Merchant) set sail from USA to France. Since it's the holiday season they can go slow enough to miss the storms around them. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Xmas 2014

MYLADY and crew are in SavuSavu, Fiji. Skipper is away skippering big ships. Seawife is tending to home chores. No not scrubbing the waterline, but chasing birds and rolling thumbs... (Really?). 
We wish for you a wonderful festive season. Thanks for visiting us from time to time. We do appreciate. My gift to you is the OCEAN SONG. Your gift to me is watching/listening it. Thanks. Be blessed.

Friday, December 5, 2014


Where on earth is NAIRAI ISLAND?  Well we didn't know until now. It happens to be in the vicinity of Koro Island, in Fiji. One can see the lights of Suva from there. Yet only one ferry in the month services the island and pretty expensive to ride. When the ferry arrives, the people of Tovulailai village jump in their longboats and take merchandise for transport to Suva and bring back shop supplies. We had a great time at Tovulailai. The dolphins guided us into the good sheltered bay. And the flying stingrays, slapped the water in a special welcome. I spread my maternal wings around Ana and in the process got skipper involved to do magic. Making one working sewing machine out of two old,
broken and useless machines.  I gave her a crash course on sewing and she's full of smiles. More machines appeared from no-where, asking some attention please.  We'll return to Tovulailai frequently in our memories.

We finally made it to Ovalau Island during our fourth visit to Fiji and thoroughly enjoyed the island and its people. The first capital of Fiji - Levuka - is now a world heritage site. The wind caught us
on the wrong side of the fish factory and made our first day a memorable stinking one. Apart from that the few old shops give an interesting atmosphere to the town. There is only a handful of people yet the town has a distinctive buzz.